Eastwind Global Co., Ltd is an International Logistics Provider committed to meeting the highest expectations and standards of each of our Clients and Agents.

The Company was incorporated in Bangkok in 2018 under the umbrella of the Billion Group, Thailand and is headed by 03 Partners who have collective expertise & experience spanning in excess of 70 years, having lived and worked in different parts of the world.

Whilst Eastwind Global are primarily licensed to handle Freight & Logistics Services for both Import & Export Shipments worldwide, by Air, Sea, Road & Rail, the Company also has the added portfolio of being able to handle the Trading of Commodities and is Registered with the Thailand Ministry of Commerce as an Importer & Exporter. This provides us with the advantage of being able to assist clients and agents with the use of our own Import/Export License  as a value-added service.

As a provider of supply chain logistics solutions, Eastwind’s core competencies are in transportation, brokerage, logistics management and information technology. We look to streamline processes, improve information integration, and provide supply and demand solutions that result in profitability for our customers and agents.

Our client base is representative of many industries such as retail, automobiles, electronics, industrial manufacturing equipment, wearing apparel, food products, time-sensitive shipments, computer equipment, and paper products. We are also specialists in handling Project Cargo such as Helicopters & Aircraft Spares and also the movement of Luxury Yachts.

What sets Eastwind apart from other companies is our commitment to service and innovative ideas, to create unique solutions to meet our clients individual needs with the view to achieving the mutual goal of end customer satisfaction.

With businesses operating in a much more complex, multifaceted supply chain, retailers are impacted by a whole new set of factors. We recognize the importance of a resilient supply chain and the key role of the freight forwarder & logistics provider.

We look forward to the opportunity of partnering you in all your freight & logistics needs.